A Little About Me


Hi!!! My name is Britt, and have always wanted to be a blogger, so here I am! Some people might say my life is boring, but most say I have a pretty unique life. I have been encouraged to blog a lot, so I figured I might as well give it a try while I have a little down time, which I will explain why I have so much “down time” in my next post. Anyways, let’s get to a couple of facts about me!

  1. I am from Utah… in case you’re wondering what state that is in, Utah actually IS a state haha!
  2. I am 18 years old, but wish I was 16 again. I’d do anything to go back!
  3. I have never been on another date with anyone other than my boyfriend that I have right now.
  4. My boyfriend and I seem to reeeeally like each other, so we have been dating since October 4, 2014.
  6. The biggest addiction I’ve ever had, was to Sprite. I kinda love it.
  7. I am obsessed with the Dr. Phil Show. Sometimes I watch it and fold laundry at the same time, which makes me feel like I am a 30-year-old stay at home mom!!
  8. I have always wanted a long sleeve wedding dress, like, ever since I was really young! It definitely sparked from watching “The Little Mermaid” as a young kid, and loving her haha!
  9. My biggest fear of all time is snakes. Can you say EEEEWWWWWWWW??!?!?!
  10. My zodiac sign is Cancer, which is actually pretty coincidental. (I’ll share in my next post.)
  11. My family always have been my best friends!
  12. I am the oldest kid in my family, and I have two little sisters!
  13. I have a weak stomach, and lose my appetite over pretty much anything when I am eating, and get informed or see something yucky!
  14. For my 18th birthday, all I asked for was a Costco Card, and I definitely got that baby in my wallet now!
  15. I used to care a lot about what people thought of me, but I have recently discovered that my “Give a Damn” is breaking, and it feels real nice! haha!!

I will be posting again in the next couple of days, so STAY TUUUUNED!!!!!



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