5 Must Have Beauty Products

Ok, so what are “must haves”? What defines that? Personally, I think a must have is something you use almost every, if not every, day. I am going to share a few of my favorites, that I use on a daily basis. Like, Every. Single. Day.

  1. Before I put on any makeup for the day, I make sure my lips are smooth as a baby’s bottom haha! There is one simple fix that I use almost every day to take off any dead skin, and to smooth out chapped lips. It is the best lip exfoliator I have ever used, and I have tried soooo many, because I have the most chapped lips at any given time! It is just called the ‘Lip Exfoliator’ by e.l.f.! It is a drugstore product, so you can pick this up at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, and just about anywhere else. This product is also only $2.99, so it is a steal! I just put it on my lips, and rub my lips every couple of seconds while I apply all my other makeup. By the time I am done with everything else, I wipe off the sugar, and I am ready to apply lipstick or lipgloss! This also helps the lip product to stay on for a lot longer!                                   Click HERE to shop!
  2. I could not live without my NYX Whipped Fouette! It is amazing! Not to mention it is only $5.99!!! This product stays on your face all day, and they have so many different shades! I use it in the shade ‘Plush’ and it goes perfect with my skintone! I put some on my cheeks, and blend it with a stippling brush, (here) and for a light pink lip, I apply it after my look is complete, as the finishing step! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and you can find it at Ulta and CVS!                                                                        Click HERE to shop!
  3. I don’t like to go too heavy on the eyeshadow, but I do like a little pop behind my lashes to give my eyes some definition. Since I don’t use too many colors, I LOVE the ‘Naked2 Basics’ palette by Urban Decay. This palette has all the perfect colors for a simple everyday look, as well as a few darker colors for a night out! My favorite everyday colors in this palette are ‘Skimp’ and ‘Cover’. For my dressier looks, I usually turn to ‘Stark’, ‘Cover’ and ‘Undone’. This palette is on the higher end of makeup, but is still affordable for all the product you are getting, and how long it will last! It runs at $29.00, and you can get it at any Ulta or Sephora!                               Click HERE to shop!
  4. For my lashes, I usually have extensions, but when I don’t, I use Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara in the shade black! This seriously makes your lashes look fake, and I love it! It stays on alllll day! It is especially good for people with medium to long lashes, because it holds them up, so it doesn’t feel so heavy, and your lashes don’t block your vision from weighing down so low! This product has two sizes, a trial size for $12.00, and a full size for $24.00! Totally worth the price!!                                   Click HERE to shop!
  5. For my brows, I have been obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Wiz’ in the shade ‘Chocolate’. I use this every single day! It makes your brows look so thick and full, and it is soooo easy to use! Brows have always intimidated me, but when I got this product, I knew I could feel confident, because the product does most of the work!! This product is $21.00 and trust me when I say this last forever!!!!! I can go like 9+ months without having to buy it again and I use it every single day, so that is saying something! I have tried so many brow products, but this one is by far the best! You can also get this one at any Sephora or Ulta!                                                         Click HERE to shop!

I hope you like all these products as much as me! If you have any questions, or anything feel free to let me know, and I can try to answer them!!



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