Saving Money While Shopping

If you know me, you know I LOVE shopping. I can blow every last dollar, and not even be mad about it haha! (usually not a good thing;) But, since I am so skilled at shopping and spending alllll the dollars, I thought I would share with you what kind of products I like to buy at what stores.

First let’s start with clothes!

My number one is definitely Nordstrom Rack. They always have the cutest items for a really good deal! Next would probably be H&M! I love their ‘Divided’ collection, and they always have deals going on! From there, I can pretty much shop anywhere, and be happy with what I walk out with!

Next let’s talk about makeup.

Everyone loves the usual Sephora, and Ulta, but a lot of times, they will mark their stuff up a lot higher than it needs to be. These stores are great for just a quick, convenient pickup, but when it comes to saving money, I will always check amazon, and any other sites to see if the product is any cheaper, which it usually is!

Can’t skip the hair products!

This is where you can save a tooooon of money. When I’m looking for a new hair product to try, I usually go to TJMaxx, Marshalls, or any other discount retail store. They usually have name brand Products, and they are always so cheap! If you want a specific product by a specific brand, I wouldn’t go to these stores, because you never really know what they will/will not have.

I hope you all liked this, and can save some money by shopping at these places! Xoxo.


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